Uncertainty #3 – Frames of Reference – The Path of Empathy – The Role of Analogy

I’m still thinking about how I want to share this idea, but while I’m thinking, here’s a blog I wrote related to the topic – Imagining Alternative Frames of Reference – Empathy

The following statements are both true and false, depending on your frame of reference:

Mount Everest is barely bigger than a grain of sand.

Taiwan is a huge country.

The Earth hasn’t been around very long.

My son and I are practically the same age.

The crust of the Earth, upon which we all live, is like the skin of a tomato.

America is thousands of kilometers away.

It is 11:49 PM right now.

Cats are friendly and affectionate creatures.

Almost all Asians look the same.

I am you.


The appearance of things changes depending on our frame of reference including physical distance, time, background of the observer, and so on. Realizing that our experiences in life can and do differ greatly from one another, we should strive to practice greater empathy. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of analogies is essential.


More to come later…

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