Thunder rolled through the generally peaceful small suburban town. Sarah sat by the window, unshaken by the sometimes deafening claps. Nothing could faze her now. Lost in a world of her own making, the young teenage girl seemed completely unaware of the violent storm raging outside. Rain pelted the rooftop, sometimes harder, sometimes softer. Water streamed down the window in sheets. Sarah imagined herself drowning in that water. She would open the window and let it carry her away. She wouldn’t struggle. ‘Whatever’ was her favorite word.

Her father called her to dinner, but Sarah remained where she was. He could eat by himself tonight. If she couldn’t actually drown by imagining it, she could at least go without eating a meal. Perhaps the pain of a little hunger could make her feel just a little bit more alive. After a second call from her father, Sarah managed to pry herself from her perch by the window and moved quietly toward her bedroom. The slam of the door behind her however, was anything but quiet. She wouldn’t have her father misinterpreting her actions. This way, she knew he would leave her alone for a while at least.

The time was barely seven o’clock, but due to the storm, the Autumn day had turned dark long ago. Sarah didn’t bother to turn on a light as she made her way to the window. She felt as if the darkness were calling her somehow. A chill coursed suddenly down her back. She imagined eyes looking at her through the darkness, hidden from view by the pouring rain. Though just moments earlier, she had felt nothing but apathy for her life, fear now enveloped her as she let her imagination run wild with what dark things waited for her beyond her ability to see into the stormy night. Trembling, Sarah backed herself out of the room that she had only entered seconds earlier.

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