Not Quite an Atheist

If I hear a voice in my head that tells me what is going to happen in the future, and then that prediction comes true, what happened? Did a god confirm their existence to me? Did vastly superior alien life forms from another dimension decide to reach out to me? Did the programmers of the Earth simulation I’m currently living through need me to know the future for an experiment they’re running? Maybe ghost visitors from the future came back to mess with me. Or maybe I’ve died already and am reliving my life in that final moment before I move on, and those voices I hear are my own. Perhaps I just imagined the voice and the fact that the voice was correct is only a coincidence. Maybe I have superpowers and haven’t learned to control them yet.

Every day around the world, people have strange experiences which don’t seem to have any clear explanation. If a person grows up in a Christian environment, they will probably credit their experiences to God or an angel, or maybe a devil if it is negative. They see these experiences as evidence for the belief system they have been taught, and they become more firm in those beliefs. But what is the real cause, and how can we know?

As much as I wish I could give an answer to that question, I’m left without anything to say. I don’t know why these strange things happen. Occasionally, I will hear someone say that they know such and such is true (aliens existing, their preferred god/gods being real, ghosts, etc.) because they had such and such an experience. What? This makes no sense to me. I can come up with so many different explanations for the same experiences, and I could go on and on and on. How do people know with such certainty that their preferred explanation is the right one?

I wish I could turn to science to help resolve these issues. Unfortunately, these experiences that I’m discussing are almost entirely personal. Each person’s experience is unique to them. And more unfortunately, they can’t be repeated with any consistency. The response of science has been to discount these experiences as inconsequential, imagined, non-existent, hallucinated, fabricated, coincidental, or whatever else lessens the importance of these experiences. Because these experiences can’t be tested, they are not considered science.

But even if an experience could be proven to have happened, that would say nothing about the cause. The fact that so many people attribute the same cause (an all powerful god) to these experiences only says to me that we’re not very creative or that we lack imagination. For me, the concept of a god or gods is still a possibility. I haven’t ruled it out. I’ve called myself an atheist in the past, but I’m not sure that’s completely accurate. 

In my search for answers, I’ve come to the conclusion that the super-god of western culture doesn’t make a lot of sense. However, that doesn’t mean that I’m not open to the idea of other forces in the universe that are beyond our current understanding. The universe is a big place, and what do I know about the full extent of what might or might not exist in it. In fact, it’s hard to believe that in that great expanse there aren’t other intelligent entities out there, vastly more intelligent than any of us.

6 thoughts on “Not Quite an Atheist

  1. Science objective is to observe and explain the natural universe.
    Religion(s) attempt to explain the supernatural realm, the location of which, I contend, exists only in the minds of human beings.
    Religions uses that delusion to sell people on the dream of “returning” to a place that doesn’t exist. Religion is the biggest and longest scam in the history of humankind. GROG

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      • Yes, we all have that dread of being too certain. I think this comes for our inborn sense of fairness. For me it is total common sense that there is only one reality and it is 100% natural, therefore the supernatural is a mental construct of the human mind. GROG


      • I think I can agree with you that reality is probably completely natural, and that the concept of supernatural is a mental construct. However, there may be natural phenomena in the universe that is not yet understood and may appear to many as supernatural. Much current technology would have seemed like magic to our ancestors. Not believing in the supernatural only brings me marginally closer to understanding many of life’s mysteries. Even back when I believed in the Mormon god, I believed he was a natural entity that we would one day learn to understand.

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      • If there is anything that affects the natural universe, it by definition must be natural. Science has pretty much answered our questions about the natural world. In the world of the gods each believer makes up their own. My “family” joined the church in 1831. My great grandfather had 3 wives.
        Is your family Mormon? GROG


  2. Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while. The problem is, he has found too many blind nuts. If something good happens, “GOD” has answered their prayers. If something bad happens, He works in mysterious ways. 🙄


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